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We are a passionate community : knowledge is at the heart of our way of life. We welcome and develop talents who make OCTO a reference in agility, technological challenges, service design and support for digital organizations. The first IT architecture firm founded in 1998, a pioneer in agile delivery and a true talent hub. Since 2016, within the Accenture group, we have embodied the new ways of doing consulting and Delivery. Digital Doers & Thinkers is our trademark. Today, we focus on our Agile & DeepTech positioning and are committed to our social and environmental responsibility.




OCTO Technology is an expert in implementing cloud services for its customers, and sovereign/trusted cloud is at the heart of its strategy. NumSpot is one of the key players in France that aims for SecNumCloud certification and has a very strong national / European independence. All our solutions built for our customers on NumSpot stacks will be compliant with the SecNumCloud standard, thus meeting the requirements of some of our customers. SecNumCloud is a qualification security offer offered by ANSSI for cloud operators, who offer PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service) services. As stated by ANSSI in the introduction to the standard, the objective is to offer a “centralised approach” rather than leaving client companies to negotiate their security requirements with each service provider. A qualified SecNumCloud service provider can therefore prove that its system complies with the best practices listed in the standard and that the compliance of its system has been verified by audit service providers also approved by the ANSSI (the PASSI). We offer add-on offers. OCTO Technology carries out the strategy and implementation of infrastructure, application and data services for its customers. NumSpot offers the IaaS and Managed PaaS cloud services that underpin them. Public services and OIVs mainly.

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Management and operations
Security and identity


Management and operations
Security and identity
Virtual Machine (VM)
Our VMs are the only ones available either on demand or by reserving an instance in a sovereign public cloud.T...
Our GPUs are the only ones available either on demand or by reserving an instance in a sovereign public cloud....
VM Autoscaling
A service that automatically adjusts the number of active VMs according to current computing resource requirem...
Managed OpenShift
Managed PaaS platform built on Red Hat OpenShift technology, based on the Kubernetes container orchestration s...
Managed Kubernetes (K8S)
Managed Kubernetes service for deploying containerized applications. K8S can now be installed on NumSpot's Iaa...
Direct Link in the cloud refers to a dedicated, private connection between your local network, such as a data ...
VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is a service that provides a virtual private network infrastructure in a public cl...
Load Balancer
Service that distributes network traffic or application requests over several servers in a group.
Key Management Service
Service that manages the creation, storage, distribution and rotation of encryption keys used to secure data.
A snapshot of a disk volume, virtual machine or file system, the snapshot service can be used to restore data.
Object Storage (S3)
Object storage service for storing any type of data and retrieving it whenever and wherever you want.
Block Storage
A type of data storage where data is saved in distinct blocks, each with a unique identifier. Each block acts ...
Data storage and encryption service for enhanced security. Particularly suitable for sensitive data. The encry...
Infrastructure As Code
Standardized interfaces for automating actions in the cloud with an "Infrasctructure As Code" (IaC) approach, ...
Service that collects, stores, analyzes and monitors data logs generated by applications, systems and services...
Service offering a collection of indicators on the performance and use of cloud services.
Databases designed to be flexible, scalable and capable of handling large volumes of structured, semi-structur...
Functionality that temporarily stores data in a location close to the user to speed up access to this data for...
Streaming and Messaging
Data streaming and messaging brokerage services hosted in the cloud. Fully managed and distributed service in ...
VPN (Virtual Private Network), a service that provides a secure, private Internet connection using cloud infra...
Identity management (IAM)
Service managing authentication, user account management and access rights to NumSpot applications, data and s...
Database service A PostgreSQL database using the standardized SQL (Structured Query Language) used to create, ...
image catalog (VM)
Catalog of preconfigured images of a virtual machine used to create an instance.
Public IP
Feature that refers to a unique IP address assigned to a computing resource (such as a server, database or ser...
Service platform built on Red Hat OpenShift technology, based on the Kubernetes container orchestration system...
Kubernetes is an extensible and portable open-source platform for managing workloads and containerized service...
Automation (Iac)
Standardized interfaces for automating actions in the cloud, with an "Infrasctructure As Code" (IaC) approach ...
Web interface that lets you create and manage cloud resources in your account. It orchestrates API requests to...
SecNumCloud region
Refers to a data center or group of data centers located together and certified under the SecNumCloud label is...
WAF (Web Application Firewall) service available on the NumSpot marketplace. This service protects application...
Scripts and patterns available for deploying, assembling and productively using NumSpot services. This facilit...
CI/CD Gitlab
Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) services enable developers to automatically build and...
Container registry
Service offering a repository or collections of repositories for storing container images.